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Business Development Incubator

success = 1 part dreamer + 9 parts doer


Bridging the

valley of death

The most brilliant product and service innovation is often the brainchild of an individual or team with highly specialised skills. The phase from the completion of successful research and design to commercialisation is often called 'the valley of death' because so few innovators make it to the other side with a profitable and sustainable business. 


ThinkPark let's you do what you are good at and takes care of the rest. We provide support to businesses or individuals with great ideas that need help to succeed. We provide the business development skills to complement your expertise, building a bridge across the valley of death, and getting you to successful commercialisation rapidly and safely.


We can assist you with all elements of building  stable business platform from which to launch your product or service, to identifying and preparing applications to government and non-government funding organisations and claiming rebates. 


Although our current services focus on business development, we are developing a 'make-it' facility for the production of prototypes  and small production runs for research and development. 


Application to ThinkPark is free

but the application process is rigorous, and not for the faint-hearted.

By invitation only


ThinkPark isn't like other incubators. If you are an expert in your field we won't  waste your time training you to be expert in ours.  We know that your time is precious and we don't want to waste it by putting you through unnecessary training programs and offering you cheap office space. ThinkPark is totally committed to building the businesses of successful candidates, so access to our incubator is very limited and we are highly realistic and pragmatic about the businesses we can help to commercialise and those we can't.  


The application is an important element of that selection process.

It takes time and effort but no money.


The application process has three phases:

  • Phase 1 is the application form,

  • Phase 2 is a face-to-face interview and,

  • Phase 3 is a 3 minute pitch to our evaluation panel, about your product or service, followed by a 2 minute pitch detailing how ThinkPark can help your business be successful.

If you pass the first two phases you will be guided through Phase 3 to develop and refine your pitch.

To build a successful business you need to find the right balance between being: a dreamer and a doer, a planner and a free thinker, having an unshakable belief that you will succeed and the resilience to learn from failure and just keep going.


Success is forged from the believe that, what might feel like an ending is just another challenge to master, and to keep moving forward towards you goal, even in tiny steps until you hit your stride.


ThinkPark has walked the path before you and will use our experience to help you develop a business that avoids the pitfalls and negotiates the bumps with confidence.


ThinkPark offers comprehensive support and assistance including


Strategic business planning, research and development plans, data colection and analysis


Design and production support, and establishing innovative pathways to market 

Mentoring and networking support

Expressions of Interest

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